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Medical laboratory CSD

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12 hours

Laboratory "Omega-Kyiv"

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24-36 hours

Medical laboratory "Dila"

1900 UAH

24-48 hours

Medical laboratory "Nicolab"

1900 UAH

36-48 hours

Laboratory "Ukranian therapeutic and diagnostic centre"

1900 UAH

24 hours

Urgent test perfomance in CSD Laboratory

2800 UAH

6 hours

Rapid test to antigen COVID-19

1500 UAH

Nurse service (dropper)

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"CALLAB" company provides a unique service in Ukraine - the departure of a mobile laboratory 24/7 to home or office in just one click.
We provide service for the collection of material for PCR testing for COVID-19 with the ability to choose a laboratory you trust.
You can also order rapid test for the detection of antigen to COVID-19 (result in 30 minutes).
Learn more about these tests in the Questions and Answers (FAQ) section.

The staff of our mobile laboratory includes only experienced paramedics, nurses and logisticians. All personnel have undergone full training in collection and transportation of biomaterials for testing for COVID-19, in accordance with international standards, as well as with the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Considering that the mobile brigade includes certified professional paramedics, we are happy to provide medical manipulations related to the treatment of COVID-19 - namely: intravenous and intramuscular injections as prescribed by a doctor.

The staff of our mobile laboratory includes only experienced paramedics, nurses and logisticians. All personnel have undergone full training in collection and transportation of biomaterials for testing for COVID-19, in accordance with international standards, as well as with the regulations of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Considering that the mobile brigade includes certified professional paramedics, we are happy to provide medical manipulations related to the treatment of COVID-19 - namely: intravenous and intramuscular injections as prescribed by a doctor.

Medical manipulations at home for patients with COVID-19
Due to the high burden on medical institutions, we decided to add the service "medical manipulations at home" so that everyone who needs treatment can get it. Our paramedics, with special training, can come to your home to put a dropper or to give an injection, according to the prescriptions of your doctor.

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Departure of the mobile laboratory for testing at home or in the office is available in Kiev, Kiev region and Odessa. Departure of a mobile laboratory for testing corporate clients is possible throughout Ukraine


Registration of online application 24/7 takes place "in 1 click" - you do not need to call anywhere, explain or confirm anything.
Nursing teams work around the clock - you can choose the most appropriate time for testing and call the nurse at your home or office.
Strict adherence to the procedure for sampling biomaterial and the conditions for its transportation.
Saving time and effort to travel to the laboratory without waiting in the laboratory queue among potential patients.
The arrival time of the nurse is within 12 hours after the registration of the application on the website. Fast results: 24 hours - in standard mode, 6 hours - in accelerated mode
All instruments used are sterile; all personnel go to the call in a special protective suit.You can also take the analysis in a specially equipped car, in which the mobile team arrives.
We work only with licensed medical laboratories - you can choose which of these institutions to send your biomaterial for analysis.
Our company has all the necessary permits, and the medical staff has the appropriate medical education, so you can count on the highest quality of received services.


  • For those arriving from abroad, we carry out testing, the results of which are transferred by the laboratory to the Central State Healthcare Center and to the "Diy vdoma" application.
  • With symptoms of coronavirus infection (fever, dry cough, weakness, shortness of breath, loss of smell and the ability to distinguish between tastes, muscle pain, nasal congestion and other typical signs of SARS).
  • To eliminate the likelihood of infection if you or someone in the team of your company came into contact with a person who has been diagnosed coronavirus.
  • During hospitalization in a hospital and before planned operations.
  • Before leaving for a certain number of countries, a PCR test in English is required and you can get it, indicating such a need
  • To receive the original test result form - contact at the Boryspil airport at the 48 Fast Line registration desk. You will receive a printed test result with a wet labeled seal and a QR code required upon arrival in a number of countries


Patient preparation rules: 30 minutes before taking oropharyngeal (pharyngeal) swabs, do not eat, drink liquids, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth / throat, chew gum, or smoke. Important! 2 hours before taking nasal swabs, do not instill drops, do not use sprays or rinse the nose. Before taking a smear, if there is abundant nasal discharge, it is necessary to clear the nasal passages - by a strong exhalation, remove mucus from the nose (blow your nose) ..

A swab is taken from the oropharynx or from the nose.

You can, our mobile medical teams work around the clock.

The test result is sent to the e-mail specified during registration, within the time period specified by the laboratory during registration. It is also possible to order an emergency testing service for an additional fee - and the test result will be ready in 6 hours.

We provide services both at home and in the office. For greater discretion, you can call a mobile team that will not enter the office space, and upon arrival will invite you to the mobile fence point in a specially equipped car.

To place an order for more than 50 employees of the company, our manager will organize the departure of several teams at the same time, and will also arrange a sterile place in your office where the fence will take place. To optimize the process, all employees will be registered for testing according to the lists provided.

The procedure for collecting material from employees will not take more than 90 minutes. Our managers organize work in advance in such a way as to save your company`s working time and not distract your employees from important work processes.

Packaging, storage and transportation of biomaterial is carried out in compliance with all regulatory requirements, excludes any change in its stability and does not affect the accuracy and reliability of the result:
  • packaging and transportation is carried out in accordance with the type of biomaterial (protection from direct light and moisture or at a certain temperature);
  • control over the implementation of transportation rules (biomaterial is transported in special thermal containers, which exclude the influence of external temperature and protect against shaking).

Sure you can. All the data you specified when registering on our website immediately goes to the laboratory that you have chosen. And you can be identified.

You can write or call us at any time, and we will check the correctness of the data you entered during registration, as well as give a request to the contractor`s laboratory and provide you with feedback.

Rapid test "Standart Q Covid-19 Ag for antigen determination" for the detection of coronavirus antigen.
The rapid coronavirus antigen (COVID-19) test is used as a preliminary screening examination, and is an auxiliary method for diagnosing coronavirus infection in patients with clinical symptoms of SARC-CoV-2 from the first day of the onset of symptoms.
Benefits of a rapid coronavirus test:
  1. Early diagnosis from the first day of onset of symptoms.
  2. Readiness of the test result (analysis) within 30 minutes
  3. High sensitivity and specificity of the method.
  4. There is no age limit.
  5. There is no need to draw blood !!!
A positive result will mean that you are most likely to be a carrier of the infection and infect other people and requires confirmation of the infection by PCR.
Having received a negative result, the likelihood that you are sick at the time of sampling is significantly reduced, but, unfortunately, cannot be completely ruled out.
The STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag test system is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative determination of the SARC-CoV-2 antigen present in the human nasopharynx.
How to prepare for rapid testing for COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2 nasopharyngeal discharge test):
  1. 4 hours before taking a rapid test for COVID-19, you must refrain from eating, drinking, smoking (including hookah), chewing gum, rinsing your nose with nasal drops.
  2. For 6 hours before taking the COVID-19 test, do not use inhalation medication and resorption medications.

A rapid test for the COVID-19 antigen determines the protein substance of the coronavirus, the so-called antigen, which causes the production of antibodies to the virus in the human body and can be done from the first day of illness. (There are rapid tests that detect antibodies to coronavirus, but such tests must be done 5-7-14 days from the onset of symptoms, so that protective antibodies have already begun to be produced in the body.)
The PCR test detects the RNA of the virus, which also allows the coronavirus to be detected from the first day of the onset of symptoms, as well as in the asymptomatic presence of the virus in the body.
A rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) antigen test is performed on site within 30 minutes. PCR method - determines the RNA of the virus and requires the use of special devices and additional time.
Both tests can be used from the first days of the onset of symptoms of coronavirus, but in order to confirm the disease with coronavirus, you still have to do PCR according to the standards and requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since the express test is an auxiliary test in the diagnosis of COVID-19.
For both the express test and the PCR test, a swab from the nose and throat (nasopharyngeal swab) is taken, and venous blood is not required

The "gold standard" for detecting coronavirus infection is PCR analysis, when the RNA (nucleic acid) of the virus is detected using special instruments in a PCR laboratory specially equipped for this method. This method is the most accurate in determining the coronavirus. PCR analysis is sensitive at the earliest stages of infection, even when there are no signs of the disease, and even when the virus is asymptomatic.
For the analysis, a swab is taken from the oropharynx or nasopharynx. Before that, it is recommended to refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and gargling for 3 hours.
The term for obtaining the result is from 6 to 24 hours
PCR test results can be obtained in Ukrainian or English at no extra charge.

The laboratory transmits all test results data to the Public Health Center of Ukraine. And they, in turn, are removed from self-isolation and disconnected from the "Diy Vdoma" application. Before registering for the test, be sure to make sure to which phone number you have installed the Diy Vdoma application. This phone number is an identifier, so it is important that it is the same number. In case of additional questions, we recommend contacting directly: Contact information Center of Public Health (CPH) of Ukraine: Tel: +380 44 425 43 54, e-mail: Support service for the application "Diy vdoma":



I called on the phone to place an order online. All the same, I had to register through the website, because form for payment is in this form.


The management asked to order the test for all employees. I have been looking for how to do it easy. As a result, I found this site. Thank you all done quickly and professionally.


I ordered the service on the website and made an online payment. The manager called back and confirmed the order. At the indicated time, a nurse arrived and took an analysis.


Nice service. I made an application on the website, then manager called back to me and confirmed the application. They came and took the analysis and sent the result to the mail.


It was necessary to do the test within 6 hours and there was absolutely no time. I was very glad to have the opportunity to take the test without interrupting work.


Ordered. Paid. They called to clarify the number of tested citizens. They came and took a swab(analysis). We sent a letter by mail with the result!


Very pleasant service of the European level. And the choice of the clinic pleased me: you can get the result quickly and expensively, or you can wait 48 hours and save a lot (as I did)


It is very convenient that you can order a test for all employees at once. Thanks to the CaLLab staff.



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Rapid test to antigen COVID-19

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